Foreign Teachers Recruitment

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1.  Introduction of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhejiang College

Located at Jinhua, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhejiang College was officially founded in 2008 with the approval of Ministry of Education. Co-founded by Jinhua Municipal People’s Government and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, it’s a full-time independent college of undergraduate courses with new mechanism and new model, and is also one of the first application oriented undergraduate pilot colleges approved by Zhejiang Province.


Relying on the prominence and profundity in the discipline of finance and rich experience in cultivating talents of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the college, combining the socio-economic development of Zhejiang Province with its own culture strives to be a college that provides high-quality applied talents for the economic development of the region. The campus covers 165.56 acres, with a total construction area of more than 220 thousand square meters.


Undergraduate programs (twenty-one altogether) include accountancy, financial management, economics, finance, investment, insurance, applied statistics, business and administration, logistics management, human resource management , marketing, international economics and trade, international business, electronic commerce, business English, which can be classified into six specialties. And there are three projects of new characteristic majors at the province level, five characteristic majors at the school level. Twenty school-level quality courses and sixteen practice bases of teaching have been set up. An overall structure of existing disciplines has already been formed in which a harmonious development of economics, management ,liberal arts, science, and technology is taking shape.


A library is founded which covers 38552 square meters, with a collection of 600 thousand printed books and 300 thousand e-books and twelve electronic databases.


It enjoys advanced and sound facilities for both teaching and living and a quiet campus environment. The college adheres to the motto of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics virtue and erudition; rectification and statecraft, and focus on promoting the region’s innovation and development and graduate’s employment and entrepreneurship. The college’s goal is to train high-quality applied talents needed in industrial transformation and upgrading and in public service development.


The college actively conducted exchanges and cooperation with universities both at home and abroad, Emphasizing on the combination of "going out"and "bringing in". The college constantly absorbs the education experience of other universities and colleges of the same kind and makes full use of it according to its own characteristics. At present,the college has established good cooperation with famous universities from UK and USA.


2.  Positions & Requirements

2.1 English teacher





Under 60


Native English speaker


Master or higher degree

Working Experience

Above two years of teaching experience in college


12 teaching periods/week, 40 minutes/period

Teaching Subjects

English language related


2.2 Teacher of One Belt One Road Research Centre





Under 60


Countries along the Belt and Road are priority


Master or higher degree

Language Competence

Proficient in English

Working Experience

Above two years experience of research or international corporation in college

Main Duty

Conduct research projects on the Belt and Road;

Assist for establishment of oversea exchange programs


3. Annual Benefits Package

Monthly Salary(RMB)

10000RMB (before taxes)


10000RMB, paid before the expiration of the contract

Paid Holidays

National holidays, summer and winter holiday, Christmas


Life Accident Insurance;

1000 RMB for medical allowance


Equipped apartment: furniture, bedding, air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, bathroom with shower, kitchen, broad band internet access;

500 RMB monthly for water and electricity fees

Travel Subsidy

2,000 RMB, paid before the expiration of the contract


4. Contact Information

Name of Employer: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhejiang College

Contact Person: Ms Fu

Address: No. 99, Huancheng South Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang, P.R.China, 321013


Tel: 0086-579-82169396


If you are interested, please send us your resume and related documents to the above email address. We will contact you after checking your documents.

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